VUE Audiotechnik VP Jim Sides indicates the a-10 cabinet as the playback source during one of three Nashville demos of the VUE line of loudspeakers.
Nashville, TN (September 6, 2012)—VUE Audiotechnik introduced the first of the new company’s loudspeakers at this year’s InfoComm conference, and is now currently on the road, crisscrossing the country and introducing its cabinets to select audiences in exclusive demos. Pro Sound News had the opportunity to hook up with the VUE crew at the Nashville headquarters of Morris Light and Sound (Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Big & Rich), one of three Nashville area stops.

VUE co-founder and Executive VP, Jim Sides, is hosting the roadshow in conjunction with VUE’s regional reps, with PixAural’s Bill Ford joining Sides in Nashville. With the product line arrayed in the Morris parking lot, Sides described the cabinets and used a single song choice (the George Massenburg-produced “Everybody Plays The Fool,” performed by Aaron Neville). The most salient single aspect of the demo was the consistency of voicing across the entire product line. Even the smallest cabinets in the line impressed with their forward voicing, punch and clarity. When the subs were introduced, the pairing was seamless, with the various cabinets simply adding low-end extension and LF headroom.

Overheard comments from the Morris engineering and technical staff centered on sonics, with “I’m very impressed with the voicing” being an example of several like comments, as well as “Bright, but not harsh.” As Sides noted, while the cabinets are voiced flat, “you have knobs” if you want to dial it down. One Morris exec noted that it’s far harder to dial the high-end up cleanly and effectively on the back end than it is to bring the HF down.

The staff of Morris Light and Sound gather in the parking lot of their newly relocated Nashville warehouse for a demo of the line of available loudspeakers from VUE Audiotechnik. Industry veteran and VUE co-founder/VP Jim Sides was on hand to guide the demo and answer questions.
Chicago-based live sound veteran TC Furlong stopped by the demo, having experienced the VUE products earlier in the tour. Furlong told Pro Sound News, “This is one of the two best loudspeaker demos I’ve ever been to in my life.”

The VUE subwoofers exhibit impressive rear rejection built into the design. “All the energy is moving forward,” said Sides, who also pointed out that fidelity was a goal in the subs. “They should be reproducing musical notes,” he expounded, “not just moving air.” Additionally, their design goals were achieved, said Sides, not only because of the acoustic details but also due to the construction of the cabinets. No butt joints are employed (all rabbet and dado joints) and instead of wood glue, they use the same resins that bind the Baltic and Finnish plywood’s layers.

On demo were speaker models of:

• VUE i-Class: four models aimed at the integration market, comprised of passive trapezoidal cabinets loaded with 4.5- to 8-inch LF drivers. “They’re not sound reinforcement speakers,” said Sides. “They are foreground speakers.”

• VUE a-Class: four passive models, two-way with 8- to 15-inch LF drivers, accompanied by three passive subwoofers, loaded with single 15-, dual 15- and quad 18-inch drivers.

• VUE’s flagship h-Class: The initial models presents were powered, digital and analog input, network-controlled, 12- and 15-inch loaded two-ways with beryllium HF drivers and companion dual 18-inch subwoofers. The h class also has a unique appearance, with a coat of automobile-grade candy apple red over black on the grilles and other hardware. The grilles on the h-class custom are engineered with a diagonal rectangle pattern Sides said is 60 percent more acoustically transparent than a standard punched grille).

Pricing also played a role in the positive impression left on the attendees, with the i-Class components ranging from $199 to $299 (pro net) for the full-range cabinets (powered versions are available for the two larger i-Class cabinets for an additional $100 and $150, respectively). a-Class cabinets begin at $999, and h-Class at $5,995. Full specs and pricing are available online. The initially available h-Class components are sold out through October, with the i- and a- Class components available now.  

VUE Audiotechnik Demo tour schedule