(Left to Right): Andy Combs, President, Innovative Audio Sales; Sam Fotias, Director of Operations, Movement Electronic Music Festival; Jason Huvaere, Festival Director, Movement Electronic Music Festival; Paul Owen, Vice President, Thunder Audio; Tony Villarreal, President, Thunder Audio; Mike Fotias, Production Manager, Movement Electronic Music Festival.
Detroit, MI (July 1, 2013)—Electronic dance music (EDM) only gets bigger every year, and that’s proven every annum by the crowds at Detroit’s Hart Plaza when they show up for one of the biggest events in the genre—Movement Electronic Music Festival. Memorial Day Weekend saw more than 100,000 people show grooving to sound provided by more than 90 Harman JBL VTX Series line arrays, supplied by Thunder Audio (Livonia, MI).

“When 100,000 people want to dance and get totally immersed in the music, you have to have a sound system that can blow them away completely,” said Paul Owen, VP of Thunder Audio. “We brought a system that delivered massive bass yet was clean and pure in the midrange and highs, even while pumping out high SPL.”

Thunder Audio outfitted the Movement Electronic Music Festival’s Red Bull Music Academy main stage with 18 VTX V25 full-size line array elements per side, hung on the left and right of the stage, with six V25s on each side of the stage for outfill. 18 S28 subwoofers were deployed—two left and right hangs of nine each, along with nine G28 subwoofers on the ground across the front of the stage in a cardioid configuration. A pair of V25 line array elements atop two G28 subs per side handled side fill, six JBL VerTec VT4888 midsize line array elements stacked three across and two high provided front fill and six VT4888’s flown in two clusters of three were used for upstage rear fill.

Power was provided by 105 Crown I-Tech 12000 HD amplifiers and six I-Tech 4x3500 HD amps. Two dbx DriveRack 4800 loudspeaker management systems completed the system lineup, with everything controlled via JBL HiQnet Performance Manager software.

Thunder Audio