imgHong Kong (July 8, 2013)—Hong Kong’s Space Museum recently installed a TiMax2 SoundHub16 multi-channel delay matrix as the surround sound management and specialization processor for the museum’s Omnimax planetarium system film Lecture Hall.

The device controls the hall’s new d&b audiotechnik 7.1-channel surround sound system, comprised of a total of three E12D screen channels with two S18 subwoofers, with left and left-rear surround – mirrored on the right – distributed via a total of four E8s, all driven by d&b D12 and D6 amplification, with two d&b M6s for mobile stage foldback support.

This upgrade is a departure from the previous simpler left/right channels of speakers and subs. Films such as Space Junk 3D, To The Arctic, and The Last Reef: Cities Beneath the Sea have their standard 7.1 audio enhanced by TiMax to provide a more immersive aural effect.

TiMax SoundHub is able to switch between various different audio routing, EQ, level profiling and spatialization setups for different applications—LCR sound reinforcement for lectures and presentations on the main stage, 5.1 movie playback, straight 7.1 and TiMax-enhanced 7.1 which uses delay-matrix Image Definitions to blend the incoming standard 7.1 content across screen and surround channels. The system was designed and installed by the TiMax SoundHub HK and PRC distributors Sound Works Supplies.

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