imgChina (November 4, 2013)—The newly built Handen Culture and Arts Centre in China serves many functions, as it's a theater that is also designed to withstand substantial seismic pressures, and it a ‘green’ building to boot. Feeding audio throughout the edifice to a multichannel distributed speaker system is a TiMax SoundHub system.

Working together with integrator, Beijing Rangl Audio Co., Ltd, TiMax distributor SWS Hong Kong created the site-specific system. For the building’s Grand Theatre space, a d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker system was specified in conjunction with a 16x16 TiMax2 SoundHub audio delay matrix for overall system management, zone level control and equalization, as well as delay-based localization.

Over the stage, a central d&b Qi1cluster is flanked left and right by further clusters of d&b Qi1 and Qi7 and supported by a combination of d&b B4-SUB and d&b B2-SUBs. Amplification is provided by d&b D12 and D6 amplifiers. Meanwhile, 12 d&b E0s provide fill, with eight d&b 8S as rear fill – amplified again by D6s. Fixed stage monitoring is supplied by 13 d&b 8S, while a further eight cabinets are available as mobile stage monitors.

A total of 16 d&b 8S are distributed around the auditorium, with another dozen supplying the first floor balcony and a further 12 again for the second tier. Ceiling effect speakers are comprised of d&b MAX12 and d&b B2-SUBs. Again, amplification is provided by d&b D12 and D6 amplifiers.
Freddie To, of TiMax distributor, SWS Hong Kong, commented, “The installation has been very successful—the theatre is now able to present productions technologically equivalent or even superior to any show that can be seen in the West.”