imgLas Vegas, NV (July 30, 2014)—U.S. distributor TransAudio Group has announced a new partnership with Bettermaker, which produces analog equalizers that can be controlled, automated, and recalled from a plug-in or Eprom.

The Bettermaker's EQ232 possesses two analog audio channels, each with a switchable high-pass filter, Pultec-style passive equalization, and parametric equalization. The modular 500-series EQ502P and EQ542 possess only the passive equalizers and only the parametric filters, respectively, and are also stereo.

Bettermaker's niche is plug-in control (available in RTAS, 32-bit or 64-bit VST, and AU), including automation and recall. The plug-in provides an A/B comparison feature, which goes beyond "bypass/in" to allow comparison of two separate equalizer settings.

"It started with the dream of a stereo Pultec that I could use on my stems or my master bus," explained Marek Walaszek, a mix engineer, producer, and DJ based in Warsaw, Poland and the chief engineer and owner of Addicted to Music Studios, who conceived, prototyped and is now manufacturing the Bettermaker. "Because I'm a mix engineer, I mostly work with other people's session files. I recognize the convenience of recall; I can work on a mix, send it to the client, and then make requested changes weeks later. I wanted that same convenience in my outboard gear."

Since its creation, Grammy Award-winning engineers such as Bob Katz, Jaycen Joshua, Dave Pensado and Jimmy Douglass, as well as mastering engineers, such as Tim Boyce and Ludwig Maier, have added the Bettermaker to their list of 'must-haves' for outboard gear. The Bettermaker has also earned a Resolution Award nomination in 2013 and won the Music Tech Excellence Award in 2012 and NAMM's Best In Show award in 2013.

"There is, of course, tremendous value in great analog processing paired with plug-in control, automation, and recall," said Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group. "We at TransAudio Group were excited to learn that Marek is already cooking up new Bettermaker products that will pair analog audio circuitry with plug-in control!"

TransAudio Group