imgNew York & Los Angeles (July 2, 2014)—Kala Sherman and Dave Wittman, former collaborators at music production company Elias Arts, have teamed up to launch new music production company Travis + Maude.

Executive producer Sherman and Wittman, an award-winning creative director/composer, collectively have more than two decades of experience creating original compositions for commercials, feature films and web content, having worked with clients such as Nike, Pepsi and Taco Bell. The relationships they have built through their careers have allowed their new company to have already contributed to two World Cup spots for ESPN out of Weiden & Kennedy NY.

Named after Sherman’s two hounds, Travis + Maude hopes to redefine the existing music shop model. “Brands recognize the importance of the digital space, but most are still trying to figure out what works creatively,” notes Wittman, whose viral video, “Whole Foods Parking Lot,” has over five million views on YouTube. “Musically driven content is powerful, but it’s the authenticity and the craft that make it work. We have a pretty unique pairing in that respect.”

“The idea is to make music an active part of the process again. It’s one of the most powerful and impactful parts of good creative work, but it’s also extremely subjective. The trick is to take all the resources and opportunities out there and make sense of them for our clients,” says Wittman.

Travis + Maude