Pictured in San Francisco are (standing L-R) Studio Trilogy engineer/co-manager Willie Samuels, business operations manager Cindy McSherry, Ocean Way Nashville's director of operations Pat McMakin, and (seated) Trilogy's chief engineer/co-manager Justin Lieberman.
San Francisco, CA (April 21, 2014)—Studio Trilogy hosted a live synchronized recording of a performance by a 30-piece orchestra from Ocean Way Nashville during the recent G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild) Game Developer's Conference.

The live session was co-sponsored by Source Elements, whose Source-Connect software locked together the Pro Tools rigs at each location while sending the high-resolution live orchestra feed from Nashville to San Francisco. Source-Connect also allowed talkback capability between the two studios.

"We also utilized a live camera feed from Nashville," explained Justin Lieberman, Trilogy's chief engineer. "We watched and listened in real time to the orchestra in Nashville while recording to our Pro Tools timeline. We have the capability to lock picture on both ends or just record to existing tracks and we can provide feedback on the performance and interaction with both the Nashville engineering team and the conductor from our studio in San Francisco."

Composer David Shipps conducted the Nashville musicians while the visiting game composers and producers on the San Francisco end could check out the facilities at Ocean Way Nashville and listen to orchestral musicians contracted by Nashville Music Scoring's Alan Umstead.

"This was not only an exciting event during the San Francisco conference," remarked Pat McMakin, director of operations, Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios, "it was also the premier of our new strategic partnership with Studio Trilogy, which offers composers and their music production teams a convenient way to take advantage of the terrific studios and musicians in Nashville while working in the comfort of one of California's finest studios."

"We believe this transcontinental partnership opens up a huge opportunity for San Francisco/Bay Area-based gaming and film companies to utilize the amazing Ocean Way Nashville orchestra and studio without ever leaving San Francisco," added Lieberman. "We can then edit and mix in surround and stereo right here…as soon as the session is completed."


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