Pictured in session at Studio Trilogy's SSL 9000K console are (L-R) chief engineer Justin Lieberman and cellist/composer Joan Jeanrenaud with her dog "Jack."
San Francisco, CA, (March 26, 2013)—Cellist and composer Joan Jeanrenaud recently recorded new music with keyboardist/percussionist PC Munoz and engineer Justin Lieberman at San Francisco's Studio Trilogy; the work was both requested and will be premiered in April by The Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Dancer Thaddeus Davis had heard Jeanrenaud's 2008 Grammy-nominated Classical album, Strange Toys, which was recorded in the same studio, and was intrigued by her rhythmic and atmospheric sensibilities. Jeanrenaud first met percussionist PC Munoz at Trilogy and since then both have collaborated on their respective individual projects.  For the new Harlem Dance Theatre pieces, "Harmonic Harlem" and "Harlem Strut," Munoz accompanies Jenrenaud's cello with African Kalimba thumb piano and a unique miniature drum kit.

"Justin Lieberman is my main reason for recording here at Trilogy," Jeanrenaud explained. "We first worked together at Different Fur Studios here in San Francisco, and then again when he moved over to Talking House, which later became Studio Trilogy.  His engineering is inspired and impeccable, and this studio is a pleasure to work in, as well as being a creative magnet for musicians."

Joan Jeanrenaud plays a Deconet cello made in the mid-1700s. A native of Memphis, TN, she played with the Kronos Quartet from 1978 until 1999, when, after a sabbatical, she left to pursue a solo career and collaborations with other artists.  She has staged and recorded solo performance pieces, also playing the cello in tandem with electronic instruments.

Founded in 1969, the legendary Dance Theatre of Harlem made its official debut on January 8, 1971, at the New York Guggenheim Museum with three chamber ballets by co-director Arthur Mitchell. During the same season, the company's repertory was supplemented with several ballets by George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins. The DTH is renowned both as the first black classical ballet company, and the first major ballet company to prioritize black dancers.

Located in San Francisco, Studio Trilogy, a 8,800-square-foot facility, offers three control rooms, four integrated isolation booths, large tracking rooms, and an experienced staff. Designed by John Storyk , Studio Trilogy sports an 80-channel SSL 9000K mix console with Ultimation. The tracking suite is outfitted with a 32-channel API 1608 and the post-production suite features a Digidesign ICON D-Control.

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