The Wellborn Baptist Church in Wellborn, FL was recently outfitted with Community VERIS V2-32 and V2-28 loudspeakers.
Orange Park, FL (December 9, 2013)—Audio, video and lighting systems integrator Trinity AVL recently tackled loudspeaker installations at the Wellborn Baptist Church in Wellborn, FL, and at the Covenant Baptist Church in Valdosta, GA. Trinity reaches worship facilities of all sizes but specializes in audio, video and lighting systems for small and mid-sized churches.

The company’s lead installer, Ronnie Polowy noted that for the Wellborn Baptist Church, Trinity used Community Veris V2-32 three-way models for left, center and right mains; V2-28 loudspeakers for left and right fill; and V2-212S subwoofers for low-frequency support. Similarly, for the Covenant Baptist Church, Trinity used Veris V2-12 loudspeakers for left and right mains, V2-8 loudspeakers for delayed coverage and V2-28 loudspeakers for the balcony with low-frequency support provided by a pair of white V2-210S subs, discretely placed left and right on the platform. “For loudspeakers,” Polowy said, “we’ve pretty much standardized on Community’s Veris family for these small to mid-sized churches.”

Many of Trinity’s worship facility customers have upgraded to digital audio mixers which can switch scenes for contemporary or traditional services, some of which have Dante cards to split the microphones for digital recording or streaming broadcast. Trinity supplies DSP systems for house EQ, delay and loudspeaker management, as well as lighting and video systems for many of its church customers.

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