imgAnn Arbor, MI (July 29, 2013)—The Digital Media Commons at the Duderstadt Center on the University of Michigan campus now features three API consoles with the recent addition of a 32-channel API Vision and a 16-channel 1608.

The Digital Media Commons has three audio creation, recording and production rooms designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group. Any University of Michigan faculty member, staff member or student can receive training on the use of the Duderstadt Center facilities and then use those facilities for any purpose whatsoever, school-related or not.

Two of the rooms are recent additions. The smallest of the three rooms, EMS A, short for Electronic Music Studio A, is organized around the API 1608 console, which features slots for any 500 series modular processor. EMS A offers users three flavors of compression in dual-channel pairs: two API 525s, two API 527s, and two Pendulum Audio OCL-500s. Monitoring uses a 5.1 combination of Adam full-frequency loudspeakers and Genelec subwoofers.

The larger EMS B is organized around the 32-channel API Vision console, which was custom built by API to deliver either 7.1 or 8.0 surround sound via Genelec 1037 loudspeakers and subs. Comprehensive networking between EMS A, EMS B and the original Audio Studio's 48-channel Vision allow sharing of resources, and even synchrony for large and involved productions.

"The Duderstadt Center functions more like a lab than it does a classroom or a commercial studio," explained David Greenspan, managing producer, University of Michigan. "We complement the audio facilities with video production resources, including computer animation workstations, a video capture studio, and editing suites. Users can take their video projects directly into the audio rooms.

"We were careful to design the whole facility in a way that would effectively flatten the learning curve. We would much rather have our users creating inspired art than worrying about which buttons to push. Because all three audio rooms use API consoles, users can [easily] move between them."