imgLong Island City, NY (June 24, 2013)—Buskerville, a recording/rehearsal studio in Long Island City, has temporarily closed for repairs following vandalism of the facility by a former partner.

Without mentioning names, Rick Torres, Buskerville studio manager, producer and engineer, said a former studio partner entered the facility on the evening of Sunday, June 16 to retrieve the last of his things, and proceeded to pull three drop ceiling tiles out and spray paint a rude comment on the wall. The suspect then spraypainted parts of the lobby before leaving the studio. The event was caught on security cameras triggered by motion detectors.

“The message is not something we want our clients to see. It’s not a pleasant message,” Torres said. “We’re a small facility and we have to build trust with our clients. This message is not going to help build that trust. It won’t lead to a good working relationship.”

Knowing that the message could potentially establish a negative reputation for the studio if seen by clients, Torres said the best decision was to close the studio to make repairs. The goal is to reopen the studio by July 1, to avoid losing business.

This vandalism also sets the studio back on a number of planned renovations. “We took a little hit here,” Torres said. Fortunately, no damage was done to the studio’s equipment, which includes a Yamaha mixer and Dangerous Music D-Box summing mixer.

Buskerville Studio has been around for about a year and half, growing from Torres’ personal project studio. In July 2012, Torres said he added a control/tracking room to the studio, and has plans to continue to expand.

Buskerville Studios