imgBronx, NY (January 21, 2014)—Zero International, an acoustical control engineering company, recently helped earn Dolby certification for Studio 360, a 5.1 mix studio in Caracas, Venezuela due to the structural door design with Zero’s adjustable head-and-jamb gasketing, rabbeted threshold and surface-mounted automatic door bottom.

Zero International’s acoustical consultant José Miguel Herrera designed the door with the help of acoustical consultant Giuliano Molgora. Other U.S. sourcing for the project included floating floor, walls, ceiling and rim floor provided by Kinetics Noise Control, along with Kinetics isolators to control HVAC vibrations.

The August, 2014 opening of Studio 360, the first 5.1 mix studio in Venezuela certified for Dolby, is credited for streamlining post-production audio for local moviemakers, along with eliminating the time and travel costs of using facilities in neighboring countries. The studio's audio performance exceeds international Dolby standards.

Zero's acoustical gasketing systems are designed to provide an air-tight seal around head, jamb and sill. They also provide adjusting features to restore sound-tight seals, eliminating gaps caused by door misalignment, which often occur over time as buildings shift and settle and doors cycle through changes in temperature and humidity.

Zero International