(l-r) Vintage King founders Andrew and Mike Nehra with Joe Lamond, president of NAMM. Photo by Shevy Shovlin
Nashville, TN (August 13, 2014)—Vintage King Audio co-founders Mike and Andrew Nehra took the stage during the recent Summer NAMM Show’s Retail Summit in Nashville for a chat with NAMM president Joe Lamond.

"These two brothers are selling recording and pro audio gear to the tune of almost $40 million a years," said Lamond at the beginning of the summit. "They have three locations in the US and they have grown by creating and uniting a community."

Talking about the history of the VK brand, the Nehra brothers gave insight into the company's formation, which originated within their own Detroit recording studio, the White Room.

Beyond Vintage King's beginnings, the chat quickly turned to the age old debate of analog vs. digital. With a focus on how Vintage King has adapted since the inception of digital, the Nehras explained that a mix of both is extremely healthy for the industry. For today's musicians, producers, and engineers, being able to choose the right piece of gear, whether digital or analog, is essential in creating the best final recording.

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