The She's
San Francisco, CA (March 29, 2012)—All-girl quartet The She's and Women's Audio Mission (WAM) made history this fall, releasing what may be the first record ever made with women involved in every aspect of the recording, from tracking to mastering.

Described as "brilliant" by, the album, entitled Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer, was recorded at WAM's studio in San Francisco, a studio run and staffed entirely by women; women reportedly represent only five percent of the audio industry.

Band members Hannah Valente (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Samantha Perez (bass, vocals), Eva Treadway (guitar, vocals) and Sinclair Riley (drums, vocals) first caught the attention of WAM founder Terri Winston because of their incredible musical chops developed at such an early age. The SHE'S are all still in high school.
"This was an exceptional album to work on for so many reasons, not the least of which is The She's incredible talent," says Terri Winston, Founder of Women's Audio Mission. "Combine that with a female production team and we didn't just make a great record, we may have made history."

After tracking and mixing with the WAM team, including Winston as producer, Laura Dean (mixing, engineering), Jenny Thornburg (engineering) and assistant engineers Lorraine Ozeri, Heather Konzman, Danishta Rivero, Hillary Burkman and Janie Hensel, the final mixes were sent to chief mastering engineer Emily Lazar and mastering engineer Joe LaPorta at The Lodge in New York.
Says The She's Hannah Valente of their decision to work with an all-women team, "We want women to be taken more seriously in the whole music industry. Every step of the way, our album was made by women; we hope to inspire other girls to get involved in this industry because women are way underrepresented."
Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer, which was initially released in November, is now available internationally on CD, vinyl and digitally.
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