imgFlorence, Italy (August 8, 2013)—Powersoft has announced that it has reached a milestone of 600 million watts of audio power spread around the world.

“We recently had a count-up and realized that we were getting close to the 600 million watts mark,” explained Luca Giorgi, Powersoft’s Audio BU Director.  “Nearly 600 million, but not quite. We were still missing about 3 million watts and it became our goal to achieve this target before the end of August.”

To help reach the goal, Powersoft launched the ‘600 Million Reasons’ campaign. Through the campaign, Powersoft reached its goal in just three weeks, selling several hundred of its K10 and K20 amplifiers.

Questioning the environmental impact of 600 million watts, Powersoft’s switch mode amplifiers produces less carbon dioxide (24 tonnes) emissions than linear amps, according to the company.

In a statement, the company noted, “The importance of the ecology-efficient technologies is becoming ever more relevant in the world that we live in. Integrating these technologies into products has always been part of the underlying philosophy at Powersoft, both to save customers money and as a contribution to preserving the environment.”