Monitor engineer Mike Babcock (left) with tour manager Joey Brueckmann
Buena Park, CA (April 28, 2014)—The Orlando, FL-based band Trivium recently upgraded to a Yamaha QL5 Digital Audio Console for monitor mixing, provided by Clair.

Initially, Trivium chose a Yamaha CL1 for the tour mainly because its tour manager, Joey Brueckmann was finding that all  fly dates had Yamaha PM5Ds for monitors, and “we wanted to stay within the Yamaha family for consistency yet keep a small footprint for ease of everything,” explained Trivium’s monitor engineer, Mike Babcock. “The fact that the new QL5 was available was a huge bonus, mainly for the onboard preamps and not needing an additional Rio rack. I've never been one to shy away from new gear, especially from Yamaha.”

Clair is also providing a FOH control package, a full stage patch package, and snake system for Trivium. The band owns JH-Audio IEMs and Sennheiser transmitters. Clair is also providing a full monitor system and control package for “Volbeat” who headlines the tour.


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