BJ Pendleton at his Yamaha CL5 console on the recent Amos Lee tour.
Buena Park, CA (December 11, 2013)—For the fall leg of his tour, singer-songwriter Amos Lee used two Yamaha consoles: CL5 digital audio console for front of house and a CL1 for monitors.

TC Furlong of Lake Forest, IL provided the rental package, which also included two Rio3224-D input/output boxes positioned onstage, along with wireless IEM units for the band.

“When front of house engineer, BJ Pendleton, initially approached us with his tour request, we looked at several configurations, but quickly landed on the Yamaha CL platform,” commented Chris Wintz, Rental/Project Manager, TC Furlong. “As a rental house, we had plenty of digital console options, but the CL feature set was a perfect match with BJ’s tour spec.”

Pendleton has been using Yamaha digital consoles for years. “I’ve spent a good bit of time with the LS9 and the M7CL, and fell in love with the PM5D,” Pendleton said. “In general, I really like the Yamaha CL platform and the ease of function. The approach can’t be beat, and the progression from the M7CL to the CL Series is why I ultimately went with CL consoles for our tour.”

Pendleton added that both he and monitor engineer Reuben Cantu, are using Dante networking to communicate between the CL5 at FOH, CL1 in monitor world, and the two RIO racks tied together on the stage. “It took me a second to wrap my head around it, but the Dante network has been rock solid for us,” he said.


TC Furlong