imgSingapore (May 13, 2013)—Yellow Box Studios in Singapore has installed a pair of ATC SCM300ASL PRO three-way active series loudspeakers.

"The music production and recording facility is also meant to cover our post-production needs, as we do quite a lot of music recording and ADR for our films and commercials," says Yellow Box Studios managing director Rennie Gomes, who is also a sound designer and composer at the company he co-founded in 1995.

The company recently moved into a new music production and recording facility housing a dub stage and one of Singapore's largest recording rooms close to Changi International Airport. At its heart is a discrete analogue mixer designed by Mr. Rupert Neve, partnered ATC's flagship SCM300ASL PRO three-way active professional series loudspeakers as its main monitoring system. "They were highly recommended by one of my senior engineers," explains Gomes. "We had heard a pair in another facility and were very impressed."