Los Angeles, CA (March 30, 2017)—Festivals have been trendy for years, but there’s a new sub-trend emerging: The Micro Festival. A prime example is the new Starry Nites Festival which debuted March 18-19 on a 42-acre ranch in Santa Barbara, CA. Intended to attract 3,000-5,000 attendees, the lineup included Alan Parsons, The Kills, Cat Power, The Dandy Warhols, She Wants Revenge, Black Mountain, Teenage Fanclub, Strawberry Alarm Clock and 30 other artists. Starry Nites was co-sponsored by Roland, BOSS and V-MODA, and presented by Desert Stars Festival, Starry Records, and Shiny Penny Productions.

Roland/BOSS/V-MODA Interactive Gear Lounge at Starry Nites

“The number of patrons and artists who said thank you to me directly was overwhelming, and the city of Santa Barbara welcomed us with open arms,” said Starry Nites co-creator Kerry Brown. “Being able to host a legend like Alan Parsons in his hometown was a highlight for me. I saw Alan sitting on a folding chair watching a band on the Santa Barbara stage Saturday afternoon. He was very relaxed, and at ease, as were the rest of the artists on site—and the fans, too. We are definitely looking forward to year two in this location. Everyone was so laid-back, which is not typical for a festival.”

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An on-site Roland/BOSS/V-MODA interactive gear lounge allowed festival-goers to try an array of professional gear, including Roland synths, V-Drums and percussion products and BOSS pedals and amps, all running through V-MODA headphones. Roland was also a backline sponsor, providing keyboards and percussion products for some artists.

The Dandy Warhols at Starry Nites

Roland VP of Artist Relations Brian Alli added, “The uniqueness of a micro-festival community like this was definitely a draw for Roland. The intermingling of artists and concert-goers onsite was casual and natural. At one point, I walked into our interactive gear lounge and saw members of Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Dandy Warhols jamming on our new gear alongside a group of kids. The Roland, BOSS, and V-MODA teams took great pleasure in hosting the fans and artists in a space that inspired musical exploration in between the scheduled performances.”   

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