Alleroed, Denmark (April 11, 2017)—Fourteen of the Netherlands’ top politicians wore DPA d:fine in-ear broadcast headset microphones during a live televised debate ahead of recent national elections.

NOS, which broadcast the debate to an audience of over two million people, chose the headset mics because all the politicians on stage needed to be able to hear each other speak. Additionally, presenter and host Rob Trip needed an in-ear solution to listen to and communicate with producers backstage.

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NOS and United, the company responsible for the broadcast audio mix, took advice from long-time DPA user Hendrik de Winter of Winter Audio Service. He recommended the d:fine and the microphones were duly sourced from live broadcast specialists Ampco Flashlight Rental.

A total of 16 headsets were supplied—one for each of the 14 politicians, one for Trip and one spare. Among the politicians taking part were Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party, Jesse Klaver of Groen Links (the Green Party), Alexander Pechtold of D66 (Left of Centre Liberal Democrats) and Sybrand van Haesma Buma of CDA (Christian Democrats).

Rogier van Ganzewinkel, Ampco Flashlight’s project manager, says, “The debates took place in the central hall of the Dutch Parliament building in the Hague. This is a venue with notoriously poor acoustics, so on-stage monitors were not an option. We chose d:fine in-ear broadcast headset microphones for two reasons—sound quality and aesthetics. DPA headset microphones are often used on Dutch television, so we had no doubts about their sound quality. In terms of aesthetics, the headsets worked well because they were so small and discreet, plus they fit any head size and can be used by people wearing glasses and earrings.”

Says Van Ganzewinkel, “The presenter and the politicians were very pleased because they could hear all the off-stage directions and talkback. They also commented on how comfortable the headsets were and how quick and easy they were to fit.”


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