imgPuidoux, Switzerland (January 3, 2013)-Freelance sound supervisor Julian Gough assembled a compact remote recording package of Merging Technologies and Smart AV equipment just in time for a BBC project at the end of November.

Gough, owner of Noises Off, turned to Merging's Pyramix, an eight-fader Smart AV Tango 2 console and a Horus networked audio converter, also from Merging Technologies. The system provided reductions in the total number of components and therefore cabling, as well as in-built routing, through Ravenna networking.

In October 2012, Noises Off accepted a job to record the BBC's perennial Sunday night "Songs of Praise" in the crypt of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral in late November. The new rig had to be ordered, delivered, put together, tested and its operation mastered in a few weeks, all while other assignments were being undertaken. The eMerging staff was tasked to build a fully specified PC for the Pyramix, in the smallest possible box without fan noise.

The recording took place on November 26th and went almost without a hitch. All the gear worked fine but the room used to monitor the sound was acoustically challenging, and using unfamiliar speakers meant that some mixing decisions had been made that were not optimal.

According to Gough, "The whole 'in-the-box' Merging solution worked well and delivered the sort of low latency figures that are essential for this sort of work. Having a built in multitrack recorder is a huge advantage and gave me the option to do a little bit of remixing back at my place which resolved the minor monitoring issues and the end result sounds excellent. Now that I have proof of concept, my challenge for the New Year is to really launch this service properly and do some marketing." 

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