MXL Microphones’ new three-piece DRUM PA-5K drum mic kit (pictured, at $199) includes two of the company’s new A-5t Tom Microphones and the MXL A-55 Kicker bass drum mic.
The A-5t is a high SPL cardioid dynamic mic featuring a durable all-metal body and an adjustable, pivoting rim mount. The A-55 Kicker, according to MXL, is well suited for bass cabinets, congas and “all other low frequency instruments,” too. The A-55 Kicker has a clean pickup for fast attacks. It includes a built-in mic clip. All mics in the DRUM PA-5K are made of metal to withstand touring and repeated, demanding use.
Also new from MXL is the MM-131 Mic Mate Mobile ($79.95), a portable dynamic XLR-to-USB interface for iOS products via Apple’s camera kit. No special drivers are required to use the Mic Mate Mobile with a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. The Mic Mate Mobile is USB 1.1 and 2.0 Compatible and it adapts to any dynamic microphone. Other features include a gain control knob and eighth-inch headphone jack with volume control.
MXL Microphones