While an increasing number of loudspeaker products claim to be “multipurpose,” the SV8 Powered MicroMain from relative newcomer BassBoss truly is a “jack of all trades” and perhaps a master of several. The company touts the American-made, self-powered two-way SV8 as intended for studio monitoring, gymnasium, restaurant and venue environments—and in that order—so naturally, I was intrigued by its purported flexible nature.

First and foremost, I found the aesthetically pedestrian SV8 to be remarkably frequency-flat for a speaker of its kind; it looks most at home in a club environment, with its traditional black weatherproof, polyurethane-painted Baltic birch cabinet, polypropylene HF horn, steel-grilled woofer and so on. Due to its “studio monitor” claim, the first thing I did was bring the SV8 pair into my personal production environment, A/B them with my normal studio monitor choice (also a powered eight-inch woofered two-way), and appreciate the SV8’s powerful low-noise performance with pristine clarity and pinpoint accurate, quick and punchy detail, regardless of monitoring (SPL) level. Notably, each SV8 contains its own rear-mounted Powersoft two-channel amplifier boasting 1,500 W of Class D power. In a studio environment, the SV8 pair is low-reaching enough that a sub isn’t really necessary, at least in my use, thus the unit’s built-in DSP (with carefully chosen HPF and limiter settings) is primarily a feature for sound reinforcement.

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Next, I swapped out the SV8 pair with my normal choice in club sound reinforcement—a popular, great sounding powered two-way featuring 12-inch woofer and 1,000 Watts of power—for several gigs. Not surprisingly, the SV8 bested my normal choice in clarity, openness, power and punch despite its 2-inch-smaller woofer. Fellow musicians and other audio types, in several instances and applications, commented on its fidelity and “loud and clean” delivery, and were very surprised at its ability to kick out such powerful LF. As such, I was starting to understand the BassBoss brand’s chosen moniker.

Finally, I bought the SV8 pair to a house-of-worship (HOW) and local theater, respectively, demonstrating the system in place of each venue’s normal powered speakers. As I discovered online, the SV8 is available in black or white, making BassBoss a serious consideration for discriminating HOWs.

As a most flexible portable PA/studio monitoring-ready two-way pair, you just can’t beat the small size of the SV8s, their simple, easy to carry constructions, and the build quality rivaling world-class touring gear. That said, a SV8 pair costs nearly $3k. Yet considering that anyone from traditional audio engineers to new-generation content creators and performers would find the BassBoss SV8 remarkably well-versed, these loudspeakers could be literally used and enjoyed by anyone, doing nearly anything—as one pair could effectively replace several more limited speakers with ease.

Strother Bullins is NewBay Media’s Technology Editor, AV/Pro Audio Group, active musician, recordist and club-level sound reinforcement wrangler. sbullins@nbmedia.com