I know I mentioned this unit in my article a few months back, where we used it on the St John USVI recording trip, but since then, I purchased one and it sits permanently in my recording chain. The older I get, the more I like things to be simple and get more done with less. What’s great about this tool is that basically you turn one knob and things sound better. Yes, that would be my review.

With so much DI-based software recording going on these days, it helps to have a front end that can warm up those guitars, synths and basses. The Fatboy Tube DI sits on my desktop, and an XLR Line Level out runs into my Creation Audio Labs MW1 Studio Tool, which then feeds Avid’s Pro Tools.

In my studio, a quarter-inch cable is permanently run into the Tube DI’s Push—which is the input. The Thru feeds a Korg rack tuner (it’s important to be in tune!), and as I mentioned above, the XLR Line Level Output (there’s also and XLR Mic Level output) feeds the MW1, where I can dial in additional tone shaping options. So whatever instrument I’m recording, I can just quickly plug it in and everything is ready to go at my fingertips.

However, when I want just a bit more tone, I turn the big Beef knob up, which pushed the tube sound to another level. Going past 12 o’clock produces a nice spongy feel and a pleasant subtle saturation, which sounds great, even plugged into guitar amp plug-ins. To clean the signal up a bit, I just dial it back. This isn’t one of those “I think I hear the difference” tools; when you push it, there’s no doubt about it. Thanks to the Fatboy Tube DI, I have the Beef.

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