Issaquah, WA (October 12, 2017)—Eastridge Church in Issaquah, WA recently updated audio in its 1,400-seat main sanctuary with the addition of a Roland Professional M-5000 OHRCA Live Mixing Console.

“I’m an old analog guy,” said Steve Reeser, Eastridge Church’s creative director, “so I came kicking and screaming into digital.” His opinion changed, however, when he discovered that the new desk made the most of a PA that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with. “[The console’s] audio imaging is pretty much untouchable; it has completely changed my whole opinion of using LCR where you’ve got spoken word and you’ve got music. I’m able to create a great image in the room, even though the sound system we’ve got was misconfigured when it was first put in; this console has made this sound system actually work.”

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When working on the M-5000 at front-of-house, Reeser said, “Another crucial component was the ability to have an M-48 slave at the board, so that no matter what anybody did to their personal station, I could take it over immediately and fix it.” Eastridge has 10 Roland M-48 personal mixing stations on stage, plus one at FOH so Reeser can monitor each personal mixer on the stage and fix or make adjustments remotely. “I have no problem being able to fix stuff for the musicians. I can fine-tune what that player is looking for, and then they can save it so it’s always the same for them. The relaxation on stage is so much better than with other personal mixers. It’s just been a joy.”

“One of the things that I was really excited about was that it has all the Roland effects onboard,” he continued. “So, you’ve got the DSV3000, you’ve got the SRV, you’ve got all the classic Roland stuff right there.” Eastridge will likely a Waves SoundGrid card and SoundGrid server, followed by an XI-Dante expansion card for the M-5000, he said.

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