Washington, DC (July 17, 2017)—The Federal Communications Commission has revised and clarified its rules to promote more effective spectrum access for wireless microphone operations in the TV bands, the repurposed 600 MHz band and other frequency bands.  

The Commission also proposed to address the wireless microphone needs of certain small professional theater, music, performing arts and similar organizations.

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Because less spectrum will be available for wireless microphone operations as a result of the incentive auction and repacking of TV band spectrum, the Commission has taken several actions in recent years to accommodate wireless microphone users’ needs by providing access to spectrum in various frequency bands—both on a licensed and unlicensed basis. Wireless microphone operations range from broadcasting and other professional uses with a need for high-performance microphones, such as live theater, to individual consumers’ use of handheld microphones at a conference or in a karaoke bar.  

In its Order on Reconsideration, the Commission addresses petitions for reconsideration of two 2015 Commission orders. The Order, dated July 13, 2017, provides revisions and clarifications to certain technical and operational rules (e.g., spurious emissions rules, measurement of emission limits, coordination rules, access to spectrum in certain bands) that promote spectrum access.  

The Further Notice proposes permitting professional theater, music, performing arts, and similar organizations, to obtain licensed access to operate wireless microphones at smaller venues, provided certain requirements (e.g. demonstrated need and requisite professional abilities) are met.

There will be a full report on the FCC’s latest ruling in the August issue of PSN.

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