Miami, FL (October 28, 2016)—Mix3 Sound and Eastern Acoustic Works recently collaborated to create the largest EAW ADAPTive sound system ever. The system was put together to cover more than 20,000 people inside Miami’s American Airlines Arena at the 2016 Apostolic and Prophetic Conference.

The massive system used 116 modules cross 16 column arrays. Each acoustical component within a module was independently powered and processed using electronics within the module’s Power Plant, providing all amplification, DSP, system diagnostics.

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According to EAW Engineer, James Bamlett, who assisted Mix3 Sound with the CAP project, because of the 360-degree seating and the in-the-round staging of the event, the system needed to be flown very high. Since the vertical coverage of the system is adaptable from 90° down to 90° up, supplemental down fill or up fill enclosures were unnecessary. Additionally, the arrays hang in a straight column with no physical articulation needed, so load-in, set-up and tear down was simplified.

“Having this level of control allows us to easily make any changes necessary without having to lower the system,” said Bamlett. “The video walls were not on any of the original drawings, but with the EAW ADAPTive System we had the ability to change the coverage of the system to avoid hitting these video walls without having to re-hang the arrays. This would not have been possible with a traditional line array system. Just through our software, we were able to change the pattern of the system and avoid reflections off the video walls.

“In a traditional J-curve line array system, you’d have to measure the room, plot the room dimensions and calculate the angles between cabinets, and then rely on a lot of pinning, hang points and a lot of physical work to match the characteristics of the room,” said Bamlett. “With the Adaptive system, we’re able to go in and hang the columns in a straight line, and then through our Resolution software, we can define exactly what we want to cover. It’s a much quicker system to fly, requires less people, and the system is in the air faster.”