Sydney, Australia (January 5, 2017)—While Eighth Day Sound in headquartered in Ohio, it has branches around the world in Los Angeles, London and Sydney. Now the Australian arm has bulked up its inventory with new E-Series and S-Series systems from Adamson Systems Engineering.

Members of Eighth Day’s Australian team travelled to the company’s Ohio headquarters in December 2016 where they and dozens of their colleagues completed Adamson’s brand-new Applied Certification Program, which will formally launch in February 2017.

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Eighth Day’s new complement of Adamson loudspeakers includes more than 140 E-Series and S-Series cabinets and subwoofers. “The E-Series is a powerful addition to our system offerings in Australia,” said Damo Pryor, general manager, Eighth Day Australia. “These products are a standard in the European festival circuit and are now exploding in North America. We’re proud to have been the first company to bring the complete range to the Australian market.”

“I had the chance to work with E-Series products for the first time this year in a stadium application in the U.S. The PA threw for days, and we did the entire stadium without delays,” adds Eighth Day's lead system tech, Tristan Johnson. “The new E119, designed with input from our team, had a shocking amount of power. I can’t wait to roll it out in Australia and show people what it’s capable of.”

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