imgMalmesbury, England (August 21, 2014)—Solid State Logic’s new iLive consoles made a debut at the 34th annual World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAND) festival, provided by Brittania Row Productions Ltd. The two consoles were used for FOH services at the main Open Air Stage and at WOMAD’s new Society of Sound marquee.

Having worked as front of house and system engineer in WOMAD’s Siam Tent last year, New Zealander Johnny Keirle returned to mix FOH at the Open Air Stage. An SSL Live console was used by Keirle to mix acts traveling without a FOH engineer.

“Despite the time restrictions and last-minute changes that can prove difficult and stressful at a festival, the console proved to be perfect for our setup,” commented Keirle.

SSL Live’s surface provides three 12-fader banks, or Fader Tiles, each with multiple layers that can be customized, so Keirle dedicated the lower, Left Fader Tile to band and instrument inputs and stems on various banks. The Central Fader Tile was used for vocal inputs and dedicated FX send fader and the Upper Fader Tile was used for auxiliary masters and VCA faders.

The loudspeaker system at the Open Air Stage consisted of one dozen L-Acoustics K1s per side, supplemented with 16 SB28 subs and a dozen KARA front-fills. “Using the SSL with the K1 system made for an extremely effortless mix. I never struggled to get anything sounding how I wanted,” Keirle says. “I found SSL Live’s internal effects very easy to dial in and never had any issues with quality of effects sound, which I’ve commonly found to be a weak point in other touring consoles.”

Over on the Society of Sound stage, Live was coupled with a Bowers & Wilkins Sound System to deliver audio to an audience that heard The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Beardyman, 9Bach, Justin Adams and Iarla Ó Lionárd.

Solid State Logic