Neuchâtel, Switzerland (March 10, 2017)—Water and electricity don’t mix, but producer/composer/arranger Pascal Brunkow’ new recording facility in St-Blaise (East Neuchâtel), Switzerland is named Damp Studios anyway. At the heart of the facility is a 32-channel AMS Neve Genesys Black G64 console, used for recording, mixing, engineering and mastering as needed.

“I have used Neve outboard for years; the 1073 is my go-to mic pre,” he reported. While he’s had a VR60 desk for more than a decade, it was a need to get an analog sound while working in a digital workflow that drew him to Genesys Black. “In the modern age of production, the computer has replaced the mixing board as the heart of the recording studio,” he opined.

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“For me, Genesys Black is the perfect mix of analog and digital, and the inclusion of 1073 preamps, amazing EQ, creamy and punchy compressors made this board the ideal choice.”

Brunkow bounces between projects all the time, so he make use of numerous features inherent in the desk. “The instant recall allows me to switch from one mix to another in a single click, and it sounds amazing,” he said. “Genesys Black’s power-to-size ratio also means that I don?t have to compromise. The compact nature of desk keeps the sound coming from my speakers from being obstructed by too great a mass.”

Damp Studio

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