Nashville, TN (February 17, 2017)—Nashville’s Art House studios, which has hosted sessions by Switchfoot, Holly Williams, the Civil Wars and numerous other artists, has refurbished and re-equipped its studios, including the addition of new ADAM Audio S3X-H mid-field and A7X near field monitors.

For 25 years, Art House was the personal production facility for Grammy Award-winning record producer, performer and songwriter Charlie Peacock. After Peacock took a position at Lipscomb University, Australian singer-songwriter Nathan Tasker and his wife assumed leadership and have now relaunched the facility as a commercial studio.

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“We have the S3X-Hs in our A room,” says engineer Ciel Eckard-Lee, who began working at the facility several years ago after graduating from Nashville’s Blackbird Academy and is now the operations manager at Art House. “We have a pair of NS10s for reference, but the S3X-H monitors handle most of the workload in the A room. We also have a smaller B control room, where we have the A7Xs. That room functions as a writing space, a mixing space and a tracking space.”

At the center of it all at Art House is recording and mixing engineer Richie Biggs, who began working at the studio on the second Switchfoot record after Peacock signed the band to his Re:think label. Biggs was also part of the creative team on both Grammy-winning albums by the Civil Wars. “Richie has his own mix room and flips through monitors on a weekly basis,” says Eckard-Lee. “He uses S3X-Hs on his tracking sessions and he had some smaller ADAM monitors as well,” he reports.

 “The imaging is fantastic with the S3X-Hs, and I really like the clarity in the top end – and it never feels harsh. I can listen at loud volumes and really enjoy it, throughout the whole production process,” he says.

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