Porto Alegre, Brazil (August 15, 2017)—Producer/engineer Rafael Hauck has been building Audio Porto, a high-end recording studio in Porto Alegre, Brazil, since 2011 inside a 3,000-square meter building where his family used to operate a Christmas decorations factory. The commercial facility can take on recording, mixing and post production, offering five recording spaces including a large live room with a fibre optic internet connection for live streaming. Audio Porto also has a second, smaller control room and a 250-capacity lounge area with a stage for live gigs, presentations, courses and events.

Audio Porto’s main control room houses a Euphonix CS3000 console, Pro Tools and Pyramix. The facility also has an extensive collection of new and vintage microphones, outboard gear and instruments including a 1949 Steinway piano, a 1958 Hammond B3, and an array of analog synths and electronic drum machines. New to the main control room are a pair of PMC MB2 XBD monitors, chosen after he heard a similar system at Metropolis in London.

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“I was immediately hooked,” he explains. “It didn’t take long for me to realizse that this system was exactly what I wanted for Audio Porto. It is, without doubt, the most revealing system I have ever heard. The speed at which the low end speaker physically reacts to changes in the program makes the system sound very precise at any SPL level. The low end transience is phenomenal.” Audio Porto’s PMC MB2 XBD monitoring system was supplied by Carlos de Andrade’s company Visom, which distributes PMC in Brazil.

“As a producer, I have always want to feel the sound as well as hear it, but for that to work well the speaker must not distort at higher output levels, which is often the case with other setups,” Hauck says. “With this system, you get even faster, cleaner mids and highs and it remains non-fatiguing.  The mix is maintained perfectly, even at high levels.”

Recent Audio Porto clients include Grammy Award winning engineer Moogie Canazio who was recording a project with composer Vitor Ramil, a local artist from a Gaucho family. Other clients have included local Jazz bands Marmota and Delicatessen, Paulinho Fagundes, the band Samba e Amor, a single by Comunidade NinJitsu and a project for electric guitarist Frank Solari and his band featuring bassist André Gomes, drummer Kiko Freitas and guitarist Carlos Maratu.