Cambridge, U.K. (June 8, 2016)—Paris-based DJ, composer and producer Benjamin Braxton has made Prism Sound’s ADA-8XR multichannel AD/DA converters the centerpiece of his new project studio.

Braxton’s studio was built with the help of Funky Junk France. Based around a Mac Pro and Cubase, the studio is equipped with a range of analog synths. It also includes a 12-channel MCI 500 Pre/EQ rack with four Lunchbox modules integrating compressors from Wes Audio, Elysia and Funky Junk. A 32-channel summing box and converter is connected through a patchbay, while the mastering chain comprises a GML 8200 stereo parametric EQ, a Shadow Hills mastering compressor and an API 2500 compressor.

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“Of course, I also have my three Prism Sound ADA-8XR converters, one from my previous studio and two that I have recently bought from Funky Junk,” Braxton says. “I totally fell in love with the sound of these converters in 2008 when I was working at Atollo Studios in Naples and that was when I bought my first ADA-8XR (with an AES module). I connected it to my summing box and master compressor and it gave me the cleanest and most transparent conversion possible. I also used it as a master clock for mastering and monitoring. At that stage I was only mixing in the box so it was a real progression to have a piece of equipment that allowed me to enter the analogue universe.”

Braxton two new units are being used together as a 16 channel hardware insert converter. “This means that I now have a quick and easy way to connect my Lunchbox’s module directly to my DAW without losing any quality,” he says. “It also gives me the opportunity to try different mix options on each instrument by switching between different inserts.”

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