Los Angeles, CA (January 5, 2016)—Score composer Kurt Oldman is currently working on season two of Bryan Cranston's SuperMansion using his Audient ASP880 8-channel mic preamp, which has been part of his permanent setup for about a year.

Oldman, perhaps best known for his scoring work on Guardians of the Galaxy, says of the ASP880, "I use it for all the in-room scratch and final recordings of guitar and percussion. It also has replaced my Direct Guitar Tube preamps for all electric guitar direct recording. I do all the electric guitar stuff direct so we can change the sounds on any cue at any time. Amp miking is just not an option on our schedules and turnarounds.

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"There is not too much time for pre-scoring before the locked picture gets delivered to us. It's not unusual for an episode to have 40 to 50 cues per episode; that's a lot of starts. We do features that have less," he adds.

He draws on his broad musical experience with the project. "My mixed orchestral and rock/pop background is a real advantage since I take care of a lot of the source music as well. That is from across the board—from rap to trash metal—everything, really. It never gets boring. The DI's of the ASP880 are much cleaner and uncolored, perfect for my purpose.”

Oldman is looking forward to integrating his latest Audient acquisition: "When I have time, I want to setup the iD4 [Audient's newest USB audio interface] on my piano monitor rig. I have a new Yamaha studio upright that is MIDI enabled with two little speakers sitting on it, I do a lot of initial themes and sketches on there. It's routed to an iPad for quick recording of ideas and to the main DAW."