Köln, Germany (July 21, 2016)—Albert Gabriel, recording and mix engineer and chief tech at Parkhaus, moved in and extended the range of services at the 10-year-old studio, bringing an SSL AWS 948 console to the facility as part of his own move to a more analog outlook.

"I had been working 'in the box' for the 10 years before I bought the AWS," Gabriel says. "One day, a friend asked me to work on something, something that couldn't work without analog gear. I realized that what I did in back the Nineties on an analog console was way more natural than everything I had done after that."

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Gabriel acquired a two-inch multitrack tape machine and eventually found the SSL AWS 948, a hybrid console with SSL SuperAnalogue architecture and DAW control. "Now Parkhaus is growing particularly fast,” he continues. “With an SSL in the studio, the old customers are coming back, and telling more customers to come too."

The large central live room is connected to two control rooms, each with a vocal booth that doubles as a production rooms, stocked with synths, guitars and more. The main control room has the AWS 948 and an assortment of original analogue gear.

"I know the SSL computer and the automation from the older consoles, so I found it really comfortable to switch to the AWS. Sound-wise I think it's pretty close the K Series, and I never had a better feeling in a studio than with the K Series.”
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