Tampa Bay, FL (November 14, 2016)—Bruce Wawrzyniak, who advises up-and-coming entertainers on the business side of their art through his free weekly Now Hear This Entertainment podcast, has upgraded his setup with Tascam's MiNiStudio Creator US-42.

"I don't think I'm overstating it when I say that the MiNiStudio Creator was a game changer for me," Wawrzyniak insists. "Before, I always recorded the podcast at a recording studio on Thursdays at 3 pm. If I had guests who couldn't do it at that time, I was stuck. I did record interviews with one of Joe Walsh's singers and with his drummer, Joe Vitale, in a hotel room, using a laptop, but it wasn't ideal. I didn't want to do it that way again."

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Then Wawrzyniak got the MiNiStudio Creator, as well as new mics, mic flags, stands and cables. "There's an annual songwriting festival in Pensacola Beach, Florida that draws about 75 songwriters who perform their material for fans at venues around town," he comments. "This year was my sixth time there, so I know a lot of the people. With the MiNiStudio Creator, I was able to make interview plans this year that I could never make before."

The difference was the ability to podcast on location. "It used to be I'd give someone my card and suggest we get in touch when we get back to our respective cities so I could interview them on a Thursday at 3:00—and I'd just hope to hear from them," Wawrzyniak notes. "Now I use the MiNiStudio Creator to do a face-to-face interview during the festival, where industry people who normally are hard to approach are more relaxed and willing to talk. It opens up a whole new realm for me."