Royal Oak, MI (February 18, 2016)—Detroit has always been known for its recording studios, like Motown and United Sound Systems, but it’s not all about legacy facilities. A new generation of studios is emerging, including the brand-new $3 million Royal House Recording studio, located in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak, which was built from the ground up by Detroit native Roger Goodman.

Goodman relocated to his hometown after 15 years as a producer/engineer in Los Angeles, having attended The Los Angeles Recording School and Full Sail University before embarking on his career as producer/engineer. While in L.A., he worked out of studios including Record Plant, Larabee and Paramount, producing and engineering artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Lil Dicky, Dej Loaf and Asher Roth, picking up Grammy nominations in the process.

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Goodman, a third-generation Detroiter, said, "We're in the same neighborhood as Eminem's 54 Sound and my goal is to further reinvigorate the Detroit scene, which has been a major recording destination since the '40s."

To equip the new facility, Royal House turned to another staple of the Detroit recording scene—pro audio retailer Vintage King, founded 23 years ago in Ferndale, MI. With VK’s input, Royal House features a 48-channel SSL Duality SE console and monitoring with Barefoot Sound MM27; ATC SCM25A Pro; Genelec 1032 and Yamaha NS-10 speakers. Processing gear includes Burl Audio B2 Bomber, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and Chandler EMI TG12413 Zener Limiter.

A selection of microphones includes models from Royer, Coles, Sennheiser, Electro Voice, AKG, Neumann, Shure, Schoeps and Sony. Outboard gear is available from Neve, API, Pultec, Maag Audio, Empirical Labs, DBX, Purple Audio and Retro Instruments.

"Vintage King is really at the top of their game," says Goodman. "I worked with Jacob Schneider and he would come to the studio at the drop of a hat. They gave me lots of options from a list of boutique items to the necessary standard gear. Now we have everything from choice guitars and guitar amps, outboard gear, the SSL console, and they guided us with incredible input on how the whole network was to be set up. The studio is so user friendly and producer ready—just the way it should be."

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