Paducah, KY (February 9, 2017)—Gavin Kelly, host and lead investigator for Amazon Prime's television series Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown, and partner/co-host Paula Purcell employ Tascam DR-series field recorders in their ghost-hunting activities.

"We were amazed at how well the Tascam recorders can capture the unseen, the voices of the dead," asserts Kelly. "They can pick up amazing things, especially in abandoned buildings. We use both the internal mics and mics we connect with cables. The DR-series recorders' internal mics are great. They pick up stuff our other field recorders can't."

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The Phantasmic Ghost Hunters, as they are known, also use a Tascam DR-10L digital audio recorder with lavalier mic and a Tascam DR-10X plug-on micro linear PCM recorder with XLR connection.

When ghost hunting, the recorders' audio input meters aren't just used to avoid input clipping. "We often work in quiet places, like abandoned buildings," Kelly observes, "and when we see the signal level fluctuate, I point the camera at that area so we can get pictures of whatever could be causing the fluctuation. It's like a surveillance system for the supernatural."

When Kelly and Purcell were investigating an old U.S. Marine hospital, they placed a camera in the center of a hallway and mounted the Tascam DR-701D under the camera and a Tascam DR-10SG camera-mounted recorder with shotgun microphone on top. "We ran cables from the DR-701D to mics in four rooms, while the camera shot straight down the hall," recalls Kelly. "We then went downstairs to our base camp and watched from an infrared camera. If the recorder picks up something, the meters will flash. In this case, we were three floors down, with nobody else in the building, when the meters went to yellow and then red. We're still evaluating the audio, but we think we're on to something."