imgNew York, NY (May 9, 2014)—Alcons Audio has announced its new LR24 three-way, larger-format, line-source sound system, available to use as a vertical array either stacked or flown for large sound reinforcement.

The LR24 is intended to provide a HiFi-grade sound quality with very high SPL capabilities, and is loaded with Alcons’ proprietary pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies. The LR24 reportedly offers up to 90 percent less distortion under lowest power compression. The all-natural (Isophasic) cylindrical wavefront of the pro-ribbon HF transducer is said to provide a precise pattern control without distortion-inducing horn constructions.

The LR24 has a linear frequency response from 51 Hz to 20.000 Hz (-3 dB), where the low-end control can be extended by the LB24 double-12” bass array-extension with the same cabinet footprint.

The system is to be driven by four channels of the Sentinel, Alcons’ proprietary 10 kW amplified loudspeaker controller. Through the integrated (steering) processing and feedback, the ALC offers LR24-specific drive processing.

The rigging system enables angle-setting on the cabinets, without lifting the array, intended to provide faster set-up times with minimal handling. The flying system supports different ways of array assembling, per single cabinet or 4-cabinet pre-rig and is certified for 24 cabinets in a 10:1 safety ratio.

Alcons Audio