imgNew York, NY (March 5, 2013)—Allen & Heath’s GLD Remote digital mixing system controller is now available for download on the company’s website. Unveiled at NAMM 2013, the controller provides a suite of mixing controls for remote wireless applications using the iPad or the iPad mini.

GLD Remote connects to the GLD-80 mixer on a wireless network and gives the user access to any of the mixer’s channel faders and mutes, DCA faders and mutes, image controls, aux sends and assignments as well as channel input and output processing, mic-pre control and full metering. GLD Remote also provides control of high pass filters, gates, parametric and graphic EQ, compressors and input/output delays.

Other features for system setup include a real time analyzer (RTA) to ring out monitors and EQ the PA, the facility to name and color channel strips, custom layers with ‘drag and drop’ strip setup to suit any application, and a mix view where monitor engineers can keep both master levels and contributions under control in a single screen. Additionally, GLD Remote provides channel PFL control to enable the engineer to remotely listen to feeds using a wireless monitor system.

“GLD Remote unlocks comprehensive wireless control of processing and mixes resident in the GLD-80, ranging from monitor mix stage setup, venue roaming and PA tweaking, and secondary control applications for fixed installs,” said Allen & Heath R&D director, Rob Clark. “During set up, engineers can walk around a venue and individually mute or apply level, processing and delay changes to the PA, and discreetly mix from anywhere in the venue during the show, whilst monitor engineers will appreciate being able to balance monitors from the musician’s position on the stage.”

Allen & Heath