Santa Monica, CA (September 11, 2017)—Antelope Audio has announced four new vintage compressors—the BA-6A, FET-A78, SMT-100A, and Grove Hill LIVERPOOL—for its expanding library of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) hardware-based effects. As such, these provide owners of Antelope’s Thunderbolt and HDX audio interfaces with vintage-style effects that do not depend on their DAW’s DSP.

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Antelope Audio’s associated Thunderbolt and HDX audio interfaces include Orion Studio HD, Goliath HD, Orion Studio (revised 2017), Orion32 HD, Zen Studio+, Orion Studio, Goliath, Orion32+, and Zen Tour.

The BA-6A follows “in the footsteps of a Fifties-vintage legendary limiting amplifier’s beautiful, effective, and simple design,” according to the company. It provides three-stage amplification with a moderate drive, hard knee compression, fast attack and medium release.

The flexible FET-A78 allows mono or stereo mode use and is recommended for drums, to guitars, to vocals.

Based on “an eighties classic” featuring vacuum tubes, the SMT-100A is a simple-to-use compressor that works well for notably fast attack times.

Finally, the Grove Hill LIVERPOOL is a unique blend of “American and British compression technologies” with “tube compression sounds that are rich, wide, and thick,” featuring parameters for Input gain, Threshold, Attack and Recovery, plus an Output Attenuator.

BA-6A, FET-A78, and SMT-100A are already available for Antelope Audio’s Orion 32HD, Goliath HD, Orion Studio, Orion Studio, and Orion Studio HD audio interfaces with Goliath, Orion 32+, Zen Tour, and Zen Studio+ coming soon. The Grove Hill LIVERPOOL is already available for Antelope Audio’s HDX audio interfaces—Orion Studio HD, Orion 32HD, and Goliath HD—with the rest coming soon.

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