imgAustralia (February 28, 2014)—ARX Systems recently introduced the Blue DI Bluetooth Direct Box, a new addition to its AudioBox range.

ARX's new Blue DI is compatible with Bluetooth Version V2.1 EDR, 3.0 and 4.0, can be powered by +48VDC phantom power from a mixing console, or an external DC PSU and features industry standard balanced Left and Right line-level XLR outputs.

"Smart phones, tablets and other Bluetooth-enabled devices have rapidly become the program source of convenience for corporate AV presentations, seminars, musicians, DJs, entertainment venues, system demonstrations and testing, and many other audio playback applications,” said ARX’s Craig Olsen. "ARX's Engineering team developed the Blue DI to fulfill the demand for a professional wireless Active Direct Box interface, allowing users to connect Bluetooth-enabled devices to the Pro Audio world of balanced signals and XLR connectors via a wireless connection.”