New York, NY (October 20, 2017)—BAE Audio has introduced PDIS, a new passive direct injection stereo box at the AES Convention in New York.

The PDIS utilizes an OEP/Carnhill transformer and Neutrik connectors, including quarter-inch inputs and low-impedance XLR outputs for each channel on one side, with a pair of through outputs for each channel on the reverse side. Dual ground lift switches help navigate any noise issues caused by grounding.

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The PDIS can be used as a DI solution for keyboards, stereo guitar rigs, drum machines, and so on, or function as two independent, separate instrument DI channels and handle two mono instruments, such as a guitar and a bass, simultaneously. Tracks recorded with the PDIS integrate with miked sound sources in the mix as is, or are suited for reamping if desired.

Hand-wired in California like all BAE Audio products, the PDIS features 100 percent through-hole components. Shipping soon, it will retail for $200.

BAE Audio