New York, NY (October 19, 2017)—Dangerous Music unveiled its new Convert-AD+ A to D converter at the AES Convention in New York City. Shipping in November, the Convert-AD+ is intended to be “a complete round-trip system for tracking, mixing and mastering,” according to founder Bob Muller.

The unit sports dual stereo analog inputs with front-panel toggle selection; 44.1 to 192 K sample rate selection with Lock indicator; and selectable calibration for -14, -16, and -18 dBFS. A “Clip Guard” feature removes clipping indication from digital prints for CD Masters, Mastered for iTunes, Spotify and other outlets.

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Metering control offered includes 10dB Zoom Mode, allowing the user to get a fine-resolution look at the top 10 dB of dynamic activity; Peak Over Average; Peak Hold, Over indicators; and more. Also on-board are custom-implemented Hammond transformers used for a new sonic tool, the X-Former insert button. Meanwhile, Emphasis adds a custom shelving EQ/Compressor circuit to induce 2nd order harmonic distortion

Expected to ship next month, Convert-AD+’s street price is $2,599.

Dangerous Music