imgLas Vegas, NV (June 19, 2014)—Bose Professional Systems has introduced Version 4.1 of its  Bose ControlSpace Designer software, which allows users to connect its ControlSpace processors and PowerMatch amplifiers using Dante digital audio networking.

ControlSpace Designer software can now manage key elements in an audio network. “With Designer software version 4.1, we continue to expand the capabilities of our processors and amplifiers without sacrificing ease of use,” says Darryl Bryans, Bose DSP Product Line Manager. “By integrating Dante’s automatic device discovery and configuration tools into our ControlSpace Designer software, Bose has taken yet another step toward making it easier for system integrators to create and configure distributed audio systems quickly.”

In addition to integrating the core functionality found in Dante Controller software, ControlSpace Designer 4.1 bridges Dante audio routing together with Bose end-user controls. Pre-programmed Dante audio routing can be recalled from any of the Bose user controls—or via a connected third-party control system—allowing everything from basic source selection to the remapping of entire systems to be activated by end-users.

Dante accessory expansion cards are available for the ControlSpace ESP-00 II engineered sound processor, ControlSpace ESP-880/1240/4120 engineered sound processors, and for the line of PowerMatch configurable professional power amplifiers; in total, 12 devices are Dante-capable. These cards all feature 48 kHz / 24-bit digital audio with 16x16 channels for ControlSpace processors and 8x8 channels for PowerMatch amplifiers.

ControlSpace Designer software version 4.1 will be available September 2, 2014, as a free download from

Bose Corporation