imgLas Vegas, NV (June 18, 2014)—Electro-Voice is InfoComm 2014, which opens today, to preview the next generation of its X-Line line-array loudspeaker family. Two models will be launched later this year—X1 and X2—with the X1 currently on-hand in the company’s booth and demo room.

A compact 12” vertical line-array loudspeaker system, the X1 system will be intended for small and mid-sized houses of worship, local and regional rental companies, corporate events, clubs and entertainment venues. EV says it has built the X1 around three new technologies—Mid-Band Hydra; Wavefront-Shaping Circular Hydra; and a new integrated rigging system. The SMX 12” woofer in the X1 (DVN3125 12” woofer in the X2) is coupled to an EV-exclusive Mid-Band Hydra device that is said to emulate the acoustic behavior of a double line of four 3” point sources, so as to provide mid-band coupling of the array while maintaining the efficiency and power of a 12” transducer. Meanwhile, the Wavefront-Shaping Circular Hydra is intended to provide extended linear HF performance as it incorporates two new ND2R ring-exit high-output 2” titanium compression drivers coupled to a pair of WCH constant energy planar wave generators on a 90° waveguide The result is said to eliminate wave distortion while maximizing acoustic output. Finally, the rigging, created around a captive twist-lock multi-angle arraying system is expected to speed up load in/out time.)

While the X2 is also compact 12” vertical line-array loudspeaker system, it’s intended for heavier-duty work, such as large houses of worship, concert and tour sound events, sports venues, theaters and performing arts venues. As a result, while it has the same Mid-Band Hydra (MBH) and Integrated Rigging System as the X1, the X2 system features two new EV technologies in the form of a DVN3125 12” neodymium woofer coupled to a Mid-Band Hydra (MBH) device; and an Advanced High-Frequency Hydra. The HF section of the X2 matches two ND6A high-output 3” titanium compression drivers to the pair of Advanced High-Frequency Hydra constant energy planar wave generators on a 90° waveguide.

Other features include EV-designed and manufactured components; proprietary FIR-Drive performance optimization; input panels with dual Neutrik NL8 connectors; passive/bi-amp operation, selected via an internal connector (X1 only); LAPS (Line Array Prediction Software) covering array configuration, rigging details, and coverage results; and more.