imgLas Vegas, NV (April 8, 2014)—Lectrosonics has introduced its Digital Secure Wireless system, intended for use in corporate boardrooms, shareholder meetings, government facilities and other environments where privacy is a top priority. Set for release in the third quarter, the system’s pricing has not been established yet.

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption technology employing a 256-bit key was approved as a government standard encryption algorithm in 2001 [FIPS 197]. The CTR (Counter) Encryption mode, used in the new system, reportedly maintains low latency (2.5 ms overall) while keeping channel noise at a minimum. Keys can be generated anew with every usage or stored for consistent use.

The system consists of the DR digital wireless receiver frame, the individual DRM digital receiver modules, and the DB digital wireless beltpack transmitter. The DR digital wireless receiver frame supports up to 6 channels / modules in 1RU. Analog and digital (AES/EBU) XLR outputs are selectable on the device menu. The frame supports wideband reception (470.100 to 691.175 MHz), 50 Ohm BNC antenna inputs, and outputs for cascading up to 3 additional frames (24 channels total) on one set of antennas, without an external multi-coupler. The clock input and output enables the DR to be the master clock in a digital audio system or to be the slave to an external master clock

The DRM digital receiver module docks into the DR digital wireless receiver frame and up to six modules can be docked per a single DR frame. Each receiver module has a 25.5 MHz bandwidth. The new DRM digital receiver modules are available on all standard Lectrosonics frequency blocks.