imgAnaheim, CA (January 23, 2014)—Rupert Neve Designs unveiled its 551 Inductor EQ, featuring three bands of EQ inspired by Rupert Neve’s vintage designs, along with custom-wound inductors, transformers and class-A gain blocks.

The 551 echoes Neve's 3-band EQ feature set, with a custom inductor, switched frequencies and a HPF. Traditional transformer-coupled inputs and outputs designed specifically for the 500 Series are used.

Each EQ section uses low-feedback, class-A discrete electronics in an effort to prevent low-level artifacts and harshness from detracting from the tonal shaping. RND states, however, that the updated EQ circuit of the 551 is built using techniques and components that were not available 35 years ago, and should not be considered a “clone”.

“While creating functional 500-series modules is relatively simple, designing those modules to equal their non-500-series counterparts with the current, voltage and space restraints is quite challenging,” commented Rupert Neve. “In creating our own 500-Series modules, we experimented with a number of different transformer and circuit designs to achieve the same presence and sweetness found in the Portico Series of modules. The result of these efforts is that outside of the slightly lowered headroom, our 500-Series modules are nearly indistinguishable from standard Portico Series modules, and are perfectly suited for studios of the highest caliber.”

The 551 will begin shipping in late January 2014.

Rupert Neve Designs