imgAnaheim, CA (January 24, 2014)—At Winter NAMM 2014, Soundcraft introduced the Si Performer 1, a 19-inch rackmount console, making it the smallest item in the Si line.

The console has an input capacity of 80 audio inputs, 16 mic pres and 16 faders. A pair of Option Card slots allow use of ViSi Connect Expansion cards. The mixer also features Soundcraft's FaderGlow and Channel Displays arrangement, plus DMX interface and control, allowing simultaneous control of light and sound. The Si Performer has a fully parametric 4-band EQ as standard on all input channels, and BSS graphic EQs on all bus outputs.

The Si Performer’s two Option Card slots let users connect stageboxes, as well as join audio networks like Dante, BLU Link, and CobraNet. The Option Card slots also allow for use with personal monitoring systems like the dbx PMC Personal Monitor Controller via BLU Link.

The Si Performer 1 also features eight VCA groups and eight mute groups for control over Si Performer 1’s 80 inputs and 35 busses. Each channel on the surface features a custom LCD screen to show identifications such as channel name, assignments, graphic EQ frequencies and DMX data, plus signal metering.