imgBeaverton, OR (December 18, 2013)—Audio Precision has released a new Android app for testing smartphone audio quality, designed to serve as an interface between the Android device and one of Audio Precision’s APx audio analyzers.

Key features in the APx Smartphone app include:
• Route audio through various analog signal paths not normally allowed by stock Android OS (for example, making a closed-loop test from analyzer to analog line-in to device’s speaker and back to analyzer).

• Use device’s record feature, then transfer the resulting file to an APx audio analyzer over USB for analysis.

• Test Bluetooth signal paths, including the playback of stimulus waveforms over Bluetooth Handsfree Profile (HFP) without initiating a phone call over the network.

• Automate the entire process with the APx desktop application to control the device over USB, allowing audio test sequences to run through all available signal paths with no user interaction required.

The APx Smartphone app is now available to download at the website.

Audio Precision